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11/09/2003: "Scary Thunder"

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Woooooo... Anyone in the San Jose area NOT witness the HUGE thunder this morning say 5:20am? Thunder so loud it could wake the dead. No, seriously, it woke me up, and moO tells me that's a feat not accomplished easily. moO says it hit somewhere in San Jose, but SJ is pretty big, and I didn't see anything about it on or in the news anywhere. I'm sure if no one died, no one in the media really cares. Kinda like that summer thunder storm we had over here, no coverage, nothing. But it was big enough for Saratoga Police to roam the hills kicking people off the hills for loitering, and oddly enough just parked their car and watch from their view. Stupid cops.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:24 PM PST