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11/09/2003: "Hockey Sunday Score: 5-3 WIN Record: 5-2"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 122523

Chalk another W for us, BABY! Again, not much help from me, as I didn't score or get an assist and I came out with a -1... We played REALLY hard this game, despite that fact, I was worried we'd pull a typical Misfit game and let it all slip away at the end. Luckly, fate brought us some light when our injured player Rich came to play with us today. He was out with a sprained knee (?) and CLAIMED he hasn't done any exercising in the past, oh I dunno a month or so. LIAR! HA, he pulled a hat trick out of a bag leading us to victory. Great plays by everyone especially by the usual Joe and Marshall who ALWAYS somehow know where each other are. Despite my lame slump of no goal in, I don't know how long and I'd rather not think about it, I played rather well. I had a BUNCH of stamina to throw at the other team. Which is odd, 'cause I had to work today and that damn thunderstorm woke me up and I couldn't get much sleep before I had to wake up to go to work. I caught up with a puck holder from one end of the ice to the other, with apologies to (I think it was) Steve, who I think should have taken the shooter, but I was behind him most of the way and decided to follow through. I had my own chances to score, but since I'm deemed to not score for a while, I couldn't convert. One was a really good chance where I cut from next to the boards all the way to in front of the goal with another skater on my ass the whole time, and I guess I got too close to the crease (sp?) and the goalie swiped his stick right under my skates as I jumped over his stick falling to my face of course. These f'king refs sucked today as usual. One last note, WTF is with that p*ssy not shaking hands after the game?! As I told my Dad, if the kids did that they would get their asses handed to the by their coaches. (Oddly enough one of the refs is pals with the guy that didn't shake hands) Ph4g.... Great game guys, let's keep the streak going! And maybe sometime soon I can BREAK my non-scoring streak...
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