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12/07/2003: "Hockey Sunday Score: 2-4 WIN Record: 8-2"

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Another great game. I still didn't do anything other than a few good shots and one crappy whiff. But, Byron made out like a bandit with 4 goals and 1 goal that was waved off due to a penalty and a late whistle, stupid refs today... Near the end of the 3rd period a fight broke out, or rather the other team took swings at (Jay?) while he stood there trying to keep from falling, and Rich (not the goalie) got a ''3rd man in'' for trying to pull them apart. Oddly, I thought you could only get a 3rd man in if there's already 2 of the same team in the box for the same fight... OH and HOLY CRAP, were in second place!!! And next week we play the first place team... Wait I take that back, depending on how good the first place team does tonight, we might move up with our 2 points tonight. They're playing the 3rd place team, so I'm crossing my fingers... I gotta get my shooting better again, stupid Hockey Workout gone, DAMN YOU. I wonder what happened to the league they had there.
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