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12/08/2003: "Happy Belated Birthday, Adam"

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This Friday my mom took me to one of my favorite places, Lisa's Tea Treasures. Only this time I got to go to the new one in ''Little L.A.'' AKA Santana Row. If you've never been there and don't mind the girly tea and stuff, it's really a great place. pssst... Order the Louis XIV's Favorite!

After tea, me, moO and Shia roam the mall and meet up with Jesse at King of Knives, so I can buy my twin swords, kinda like this one. It's like the one Gordon Liu (the bald one) was using in Kill Bill. I also want to get the one that closely resembles the one Lucy Liu had, the katana with no handguard, similar to this one.

Later that night a bunch of us went to my other most favorite place to be, Dave and Buster's. We ate, drank, played video games, and had a pretty good time. Next time, I'm staying longer to play MORE video games! I wanna win more tickets!!!! Plus I got another 150 points left to spend since D&B gave them to me for being a Gold Member and Birthday Bonus. Yes, I'm a loser for being a Gold Member...

BTW, thanks to everyone who came to my bday-thing-that-wasn't-supposed-to-be-a-birthday-thing. Originally, I just invited a few people to play/eat at Dave and Buster's and try not to think about hitting the 1/4 century mark. All of a sudden I had a party of 12 and a 2+ hour wait! HA. Thanks all.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:14 AM PST

Replies: 3 People Bitched

On Saturday, December 13th @ 01:47 AM PST, pam said:
yeah, thanks for the invite, you bastard! happy birthday!
On Saturday, December 13th @ 01:53 AM PST, Adam said:
Actually, I only asked 3 people and people showed up.
On Sunday, December 14th @ 05:33 PM PST, RaYzoR said:
Yah, biiiiatch, thanks for telling me man. I was gonna get you a free copy of Bustin Out' too... hah... j/k