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12/21/2003: "Hockey Saturday, Score: 4-4 Tie, Record: 8-3-1"

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Misfits 013417

Great effort last night, and I do mean GREAT. After what seemed like an inevitable loss, we all pulled through and kept fighting. Sure it wasn't a ''W'' but it was a HARD earned upset to the other team who was up 4-1 in the 2nd period. One of the other team's goals was blatently kicked in but the stupid refs allowed it. WTF is with that.

I had too many close chances last night. One was right in front of the goal, I saw through the five hole the puck just sitting there behind the goalie, but I was too far and the whistle blew. Another was a fast wrister from close range and just passed above the goal by about 2-3 inches, too close. In the third period I had the puck and bobbed and weaved past two guys and made a dash to the net, a third guy comes from nowhere and crosschecks me in the helmet giving me a bruise/scratch thing on my forehead. But what hurt more then was the fact that my helmet came all the way up and hit the arch of my nose, I blacked out as I skated passed the bench. Somehow, I was called for a slash penalty. Stupid... I hope all will be well for the 11:15PM game on Monday.
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