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12/23/2003: "Hockey Monday, Score: 4-2 WIN, Record: 9-3-1"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 220428
SF Lynx101217

Great last game of the year. Took the lead early and really kept at it. Useless Sean managed a 3 penalty game. HA j/k but it's true. On the other side of the coin, they had 10 penalties including a 10 minute misconduct for shooting/clearing the puck after (WAY after) the whistle, or was that the unsportsmanlike? Whatever.

I had quite a few chances, and I don't EVEN want to talk about the last, say, 15 seconds of the game... NEVER. Lately, anytime I shoot the puck there's this magnetic pull that pulls the puck STRAIGHT to the goalie's chest pad. WTF is with that? I can't even have ice time to practice thanks to Hockey Workout closing. Damnit. I hope I don't have leftover ice time or skate sharpening tickets laying around.

Damn you Sean, stop f'king around, you're almost at the 50 minute mark. HEH. Due to high demand, when I'm really bored, and since I'm unemployed again, I'll put up a table of all the penalty minutes. And if I'm really, really bored I'll list out all of the infractions. I have no life, I need a job badly. <^> to the economy... sleeeep....
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