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01/08/2004: "Hockey Tuesday, Score: 2-2 Tie, Record: 9-4-2"

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I suspect that the HP Pavillion is rigged. Last year was my first year to play at the ''tank,'' and if I remember correctly it ALSO ended in a tie. Odd thing is, the game before us also ended in a tie. Maybe its the whole ''have fun'' element. You can't win or lose at the HP Pavillion, just have fun. LOL.

Letting in two shots in the middle of the second period hurt us pretty bad, but it was no reason to give up. In the third, James was awarded the first goal to keep us in the game then another D man, Brian, scored another to tie the game.

On a side note, the HP Pavillion was not build with short people in mind. My first step onto the ice from the locker rooms was a step with a good foot and a half drop onto the ice where I landed with a face plant and I layed there for a few minutes in my stupidness. Getting on and off the bench was also no picnic. I'd have to jump up a foot to reach my leg over the bench wall to be able to get over it.

Strange hockey schedules. Last month we only had a few games, then had the holiday break. This month we only have 3 games then a 2 week break, how lame. Gotta keep in shape while there's no hockey. Hrm... good thing there aren't any games tho, as I'll be in Colorado YAY! The end.
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