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01/10/2004: "WTF? Low Carb Burger? And Mad Cow"

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Er, um, Carls Jr. has a Low Carb 6 Dollar Burger. It has NO bun, just a few pieces of lettuce making it like a ''wrap''. How weird. Must be that whole ''looking out for America's weight'' thing going around.

Many people ask me if I'm afraid of the whole ''mad cow disease'' thing everyone's talking about, especially after last weeks one pound burger at Redrum Burger. I say, hrm, no, why, should I be? Shia claims I have a higher chance of dying from a heart attack from eating all those burgers than contracting mad cow disease. Sad but true.
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On Monday, January 26th @ 10:07 AM PST, jesse said:
In-and-Out has had a lettuced wrapped burger ("Protein Style!") for years now...

and I heard BK's got one now... the "bunless burger" which doesn't sound good...