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01/12/2004: "Shooting"

Archived Entry:
Woohoo!! Finally, after much waiting and sheer laziness, I finally got to go to the shooting range and shoot off some rounds. Yesterday, yet only a few hours ago, me, moO, Shia, and Belle went to a shooting range in Milpitas to shoot handguns. I've wanted to go shooting for a LOOOOOOOOONG time and finally got to. We got there a little late so we only got about 2 rounds (5 shots each) off of a Glock 9mm. Man, I wanna get one now, HA. But then again I probably won't. Not cause I'm not allowed to (by many parties) but because guns are expensive. My first round was decent, 2 in the bulls-eye orange and a decent grouping. But, the second round sucked majorly with one not even hitting the circle target on the paper. moO on the other hand had the GREATEST first round, one in the bulls-eye orange and a great group to boot. Of course she kept that target, maybe I'll get a good pic of it and post it here. MAN, 4 hours later, I'm STILL pumped about it! I can't wait 'til I go again! Who wants to go?!
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