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02/21/2004: "Holy Hard Drive, Batman! [Links][Edit]"

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Holy crap, How would you like a cheap quarter of a terabyte from Outpost.com?! Damnit, I wish I had a bunch of money to buy this and my DVD burner. Where the hell are my paypal donations?!
j/k... or am I? OMG, someone find me a job before I cry after seeing all these cool computer deals!!!

Edit: 2/25/04 12:38AM - Ok, so maybe I'll change the DVD burner to THIS ONE.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:09 AM PST

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On Tuesday, February 24th @ 01:03 AM PST, RaYzoR said:
Damn biaatch! It's sooo tempting! I NEED that much space....really I do!