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02/22/2004: "Hockey Friday, Score: 1-4 WIN, Record: 13-4-2"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 121425

Add another to the W column! Another game Flynn was absent, thanks for the help, bud... HA. We managed to hold on to our lead really well, and didn't show much signs of slowing down. Grats to Byron with a 2 goal game, one being a short handed goal. Grats to Kelly for getting an interferance and an unsportsmanlike penalty, for what I have no idea, but I know the refs for some reason just hates you. HA.

I manged to float around the lines decently, scoring an assist to Marshall with a perfect pass and an equal goal. Early in the third a guy jumps on front of me as I'm skating for the puck, so naturally what do I do? Cross check him. We both sit for 3 minutes. At the end of the game on of the refs pulls me aside and says something like, ''You have a lot of drive, and take a beating.'' I respond with my usual, ''You see the size of some of these guys? I have to.'' I should lose weight so that I'm faster, but I'm afraid that by doing so I'd lose my padding for when I do get hit... Oh well... We can most likely say hello to the playoffs come mid March. YAY us!
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