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03/08/2004: "Hockey Sunday, Score: 2-6 Loss, Record: 13-6-2"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits ???2??
SF Lynx???6??

Sorry, I forgot to get the score sheet, so I don't have the details. All I can recall from the circus of a game is that there was plenty of penalties and not enough ice time. Two of the other team's players got ejected. Too bad it wasn't the game before playoffs. Then they'd lose the players in the playoffs. Am I right about that rule? 1 game suspension?

I got plenty of speed but nothing to talk about. 'Grats to Byron for the laser guided shorthanded 5 on 3 goal! What a shot, it couldn't have been shot much better. James got a stick swung at his head and the other guy was ejected. The other ejection was when Kelly was mouthing off to another guy and he slashed Kelly behind the knees. Unfortunately, I don't have the score sheet, so I don't know if either were intent to harm penalties, or whatever. I guess I'll wait on the slow ass webmaster(s) for the Logitech Ice for the score sheet. Well, I hope we got our losses out of the way, because playoffs are two weeks away, and we can't afford any more losses. Let's get 'em guys.
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