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03/08/2004: "F U Verizon!"

Archived Entry:
I would like to give a big F*CK YOU to the morons at Verizon Wireless. How about I buy a plan that will expire in a few months, how does that sound to you? FU. If I pay for something it should be for the life of my CONTRACT, not whenever the hell you feel like it. I am of course talking about the $4.99 unlimited text message ''promo'' they had. When I signed up in October NOT ONCE was it brought to my attention this was a temporary promotion and that it had an end date. Now for the same LOW price of $4.99/mo you get a whopping 20 pix messages and 100 text messages. Which basically renders my f'kin camera phone near useless. You might think, ''oh $5 it's ok.'' I don't mind paying the extra $5/mo, but for the plan I signed up for... Thank you, Verizon, for completely screwing with me.
Bitching by Adam @ 05:51 PM PST