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03/08/2004: "New Car? [Pics]"

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So, most of you have seen it; however, some haven't. Without further delay, here is the new ride.

Nice%20rear! Look%20at%20that%20grill.%20Who%20could%20hate%20that%20smile? The%%20whole%20deal.

Anyone wanna buy my baby? There's no room at my house for another car. That is, until I can find a nice garage of my own. But, if no one wants a '91 Dark Blue/Purple Veilside Style Miata that's perfect to tear apart to make a Spec Miata or a nice 427 conversion, I'll probably keep it on the street until it's ready for it's Flyin' Miata turbo kit in the distant future. =( There's only a few chunks out the front body (where my mom decided to run into a parking spot) and a medium dent on the front passanger side fender. Give her a good home plz.
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On Wednesday, March 10th @ 11:09 PM PST, Blossom's Sister said:
aww--lil'c go bye bye?
On Wednesday, May 12th @ 04:12 PM PST, Adam said:
why you interested? click it ha