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03/21/2004: "Hockey Saturday, PLAYOFFs!!! Score: 5-2 WIN!, Record 1-0"

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I don't know what to say. Only, f'k YEAH! I'm kinda glad we lost that last game against them. It gave them false hope that this was going to be an easy win for them. Then again, we aren't in second place for nothing. Kelly with the bright idea of putting me, Rich, and himself on the first line because we can rile them up, was GENIUS! I most like the first period when, I'm sorry I forget who (Brian or Sean?), laid up some guy. And when I say laid-up, I mean he got AIR. It was his fault 'cause he jumped, got a nice blood stream on the side of his forehead.

I'd have to admit it, I had a really crappy season, this season. I don't know if it was the number change or the fact that this league is a little harder than the one I was in previously at Ice Oasis, but really crappy season. However, maybe I can just say, I kept it all for the post season. With 2 goals (one power-play goal, 1st and 3rd goal) on my belt for the game, I hope to keep this post season thing going next week. I'd have to admit, I don't know if it was just a GREAT screen by my line (Richard and Kelly) or if one of them also knocked it away. But, I just tossed it to the net, and I'm sure it hit one of their player's stick and went in the goal. I'll TAKE it.

Wow these refs didn't know how to ref. So, unbalanced game even tho we won. They had 4 penalties and we had 8. Yes, EIGHT. Bah. I'll take the win. Here's to you guys! Oh and Kelly, thanks for letting me take the last shift for the op for the hat trick. Next time I'll get it, and I'll get you next time. Grats to me, har. Also, Joe H. for a nice deke for the goal and 2 assists. Marshall also with a 3 pt game. And grats to Jeff for an assist the last goal, go goalie! HA. Great game, guys, everyone. Let's keep it going next week!
Bitching by Adam @ 12:23 AM PST

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On Sunday, March 21st @ 08:18 AM PST, The One said:
It's about time. You've been moaning and bitching for so long, I've wondered if you would ever score again. Good job man.
On Sunday, March 21st @ 09:45 PM PST, Linnie said:
ha--like ur fireball vid! =P
On Sunday, March 21st @ 11:36 PM PST, Adam said:
Ha, you must be talking about this. I was bored. HA. I'm developing a reel with all my martial arts stuff, with LOTS of help from Ray. Anyone interested in a DVD when I'm done? LOL I'm having problems with corrupted compressors or something. Stupid technology.
On Tuesday, March 23rd @ 04:26 PM PST, Linnie said:
oOo---DVD? *raises hand* ME!!!