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03/28/2004: "Hockey Saturday, PLAYOFFs!!! Score: 6-5 WIN!, Record 2-0"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 222614
SJ Wolves122521

What seemed like an easy win turned to be a close struggle. Refing could have used some work, as we had 6(?) penalties, whereas the Wolves only had one. I was getting beat up out there pretty hard, considering my first shift I was elbowed in the jaw and managed to blurr my peripheral vision for a few shifts. Now, I have a huge headache and my jaw hurts. Nice. No call there. What ARE the symptoms of a concussion? ... Later in the game I was stood up at their blue line, also no penalty. However on the other side of the offensive zone, Kelly was called for a lame penalty that should not have been called.

Keeping my playoff streak going, I scored the 5th goal and stayed out of the penalty box. Kelly says the goal of the game goes to Dave for a nice pull of the puck and over the goalie's shoulder.

Well, it looks like were going against the 1st place team, USeh... Odd, our playoffs were against teams with names containing an acronym. USeh pounded the 4th place team, the Charleston Chiefs, 8-2. Let's give them a run and beat these guys. Tomorrow, 6PM Center Ice. Be there!
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