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03/28/2004: "Hockey Sunday, Championship Game!!! Score: 3-6 loss, Record 2-1"

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What seemed like a really even game through the first two periods, turned out an upset for us in the third. This team was faster and worked great together. I may only speak for myself, but we weren't on our toes the third period. It didn't help that the refs didn't call anything throughout the game leading one ref to get in the middle of a one way scrum and getting a stick in the face for a bloody nose. That's what you get for letting a game get out of hand. Take control of the game, don't play p*ssy just 'cause you wear stripes.

For me, I don't know if I was rested enough, had things on my mind, or still recovering from a hit last night, or whatever. I don't think I played my best. I sure did hurry to the puck, and I even drew a penalty. I felt no spark. No use thinking about it now. We took second place in the DD league, which isn't bad at all. Think about how we were doing not that long ago! I just gotta work out and get ready for the summer season. Great season guys. Hope to see y'all back next season, even if it's up in the stands.
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