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04/14/2004: "Imaginary Girlfriend Revisited"

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I know I've posted this not that long ago. But I was wondering. Does anyone wanna help me out and help fund Adam's Imaginary Girlfriend? I don't wanna pay for this 'cause: 1. I'm poor. 2. Someone might get mad. 3. I'm poor. Ha, I'm really curious about what they send you and how they'll interact with you. C'mon it's only $45 for 2 months. Fine, don't fund me. You do it, and tell me what you get! *AHEM*RAY*AHEM* C'mon, it'll be fun. Nah, wait. Fund me.

Bitching by Adam @ 02:25 AM PST

Replies: 4 People Bitched

On Wednesday, April 14th @ 06:57 PM PST, YaR said:
HA! You go first. **** that, if I'm gonna pay for anything like a GF, I'd buy a realdoll if I was rich... har
On Wednesday, April 14th @ 06:58 PM PST, YaR said:
Oh, I'm poor again too. Damn we need to find full time jobs again... at least if worse comes to worse, you can sell that new cars of yours for some moola... HA!
On Wednesday, April 14th @ 07:03 PM PST, YaR said:
DUDE! I just thought of a job for us! Sign up for that site as a "girlfriend" ... give em fake info, and BS thru it. Find some gal pic off friendster and voila!

"You can earn $30 to $100 per Imaginary Relationship!"

Of course you'd have to pretend to be a girl... HAR
On Wednesday, April 14th @ 10:06 PM PST, Adam said:
HA RealDolls are like $5k. Anyone wanna fund one of those for me too? Donate sperm HAR.