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04/23/2004: "Sharks v. Avs Recap."

Archived Entry:
Holy CRAP, that was a cool game last night. It was hell getting out of the parking lots tho. 17K people there at an obvious sellout. Sharks rocked on my Avs. I'm so confused on who to root for HA. Half the time I wore the Avs 3rd and moO wore the Sharks 3rd jersey. Then we switched, HA. My mom said to cut the two jerseys and sew them together, so I'd still have 2 jerseys but now I have 2 Sharks AND Avalanche jerseys. Yeah, don't think I can get myself to cutting a jersey let alone two. Anyway. Cool game, thanks to Jack for the awesome tickets. Even though we were at THE VERY HIGHEST SEAT POSSIBLE, HA. Row 16 back against the media booth wall. I was a little disappointed in the performance of the Avs. I know moO was too. They just weren't skating to the puck, even in the first period. Watching the puck go by doesn't win games. There was a sad goal by Peter Forsberg where he caught Nabokov sleeping sor something with an ultra slow slider underneath the 5 hole where his stick shoulda been. Boy was I sure happy to see my boy Matthew Barnaby rock some heads that night and even got an instigator penalty/misconduct. HAR. I've been relatively good for a long time and stayed out of the box. Except for that lame woosy penalty last game... Too bad Worrell was scratched, and has been all playoffs. It woulda been nice to see him goon it up. HA... Wel, I hope I can get tickets for Saturday's game, if not, I'll just watch it on TV or at least Tivo it, YAY. Go Sharks, errr... Avs... Sharks... Whatever...
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