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04/24/2004: "Sharks v. Avs Recap. 2 [Vid]"

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Ok, so the Avs. had it in the beginning, but the Sharks kept pounding away. Too bad no good fights today, ha. However, WHAT A SHOT by Cheechoo, through the legs! I gotta find a clip... Oh, NM, thanks to TVWonder!

If you haven't been to a Sharks game, Sharkie (the mascot) and some young people throw out t-shirts during the intermission. I say they throw out like maybe 10-20 shirts a game. So what are the odds of getting a tshirt in a sellout crowd? Say, 15 in 17,000? What about 2 in 2 consecutive playoff games? No matter the stats, my brother managed to get a t-shirt on Thursday lower level behind the high nets, and today in the upper level. He almost got one a minute before the one he got today, but was just out of reach. What are the friggen odds!? What am I gonna do with all these damn pom-poms!?
Bitching by Adam @ 11:27 PM PST