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04/25/2004: "Er.. [Link]"

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Bitching by Adam @ 12:03 AM PST

Replies: 6 People Bitched

On Sunday, April 25th @ 12:38 AM PST, moO said:
well, you ARE the one who thinks that she is better looking than the American Beauty & American Pie choir "big forehead (as you put it)" girl...
On Sunday, April 25th @ 12:39 AM PST, moO said:
not to mention... it's kind of different(?) seeing her all "sexed up" & stuff...
On Sunday, April 25th @ 12:43 AM PST, Adam said:
Tara's still better than both. But, yeah, choir girl > big forehead... That is, unless it's Tyra... HAR.
On Sunday, April 25th @ 06:34 PM PST, moO said:
I'm sorry, but Tara & Tyra or anybody else has nothing to do with the flute/choir girl debate... So, YOU are off-topic esp. considering the fact that you claim to hate when ppl do that!
On Sunday, April 25th @ 06:37 PM PST, moO said:
well... unless you include tara in the BIG 4head category. HAR back @ you.

But that doesn't matter, cuz Julian McMahon is BETTER than them all!
On Sunday, April 25th @ 06:38 PM PST, Adam said:
I'm allowed to go off topic on MY blog. HAR