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04/28/2004: "Allergies"

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Why is it that I rarely ever get sick, even with a deadly flu around (remember Christmas time?), but I'm crippled because of friggen allergies. Stupid pollen. Each nostril clog up in shifts, right now it's my right. In about five minutes it'll be the other one. lame. Man I wish Claritin-D wasn't over the counter. I could really use the old school one. If enough people say it's the thing, I'll tell them they're a liar, and try it anyway. I know this crappy Allegra-D doesn't do sh*t. Oh, and screw the "Claritin Clear," I like the drowsy effects, HAR. Damnit, they're all non-drowsy...

Hrmmm... CLARITIN contains an antihistamine a type of medicine that blocks the action of histamine, a natural substance in your body that is released by your immune system during an allergic reaction. Someone explain, please. Doesn't it sound like histamine is a GOOD things I'm no scientist/doctor, nor I don't claim to be, but doesn't it compare to giving yourself medicine to stop you from clotting when you get a cut so you can just bleed to death? Probably a wrong analogy, but like I said, I'm no scientist/doctor. I do watch too much ER though... Isn't it weird how if you add just one letter to a word it makes a HUGE difference? I typed analorgy instead of analogy... hrm... Freud at work...
Bitching by Adam @ 02:59 AM PST

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On Friday, April 30th @ 06:40 PM PST, laura said:
try Nasal-crom nose spray.
On Friday, April 30th @ 06:46 PM PST, Adam said:
Ugh, nasal sprays suck, I was in a med study with a nasal spray, I like gagged every time I sprayed it up my nose, it didn't even work. But, if ya say nasal-crom works, maybe I'll give it a stab, thx.
On Saturday, May 1st @ 01:31 AM PST, RaYzoR said:
Sucks even more when you have to freakin TILT your head to get one side of your nose to clear up while the other one clogs up again. GRRRR. Stupid sinuses!
On Monday, May 3rd @ 10:36 PM PST, suki said:
i can't stand nasal sprays.. they usually just end up dripping down the back of your nose and into your throat.. it's gross. every year my allergies are a bit different. this year, it wasn't so bad. i remember being in japan and having the worst allergies.. i even tried their eye washing meds which were crazy and stung like madness. claritin, allegra... there's a new one for kids too.