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05/29/2004: "Hockey Sunday. Score: 1-3 WIN, Record 2-3"

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Another fine win. Sucks about Steve. Poor guy was suspended last game, but there was no suspension recorded on Kelly's roster. So, Steve suited up and was told he couldn't play. Poor guy, came all the way over here for nothing.

I don't know where this team is from, but I feel we dominated this team. It may not reflect on the scoreboard, the have a VERY good goalie, but that's my opinion. We had PLENTY of opportunities, I had my share. But couldn't get it past their goalie. I had a few chances, one being a great pass from Mike which I should have one-timed it, but hesitated and ended up keeping it for a split second letting the goalie adjust. The second was a wide open wrap-around and I was sure it was it, but I don't know HOW he did it, managed to get the shin pads to the post to block the wrap-around. Damn you, I need another few points HA. Well, keep it up guys, 2 wins in a row is nice, but 3 is better. We have a damn early game next week AND the week after. 6/6 1:45 and 6/13 12:15. I like late games...
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