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05/29/2004: "Humane Society"

Archived Entry:
I got in the mail a few days ago a note from the Humane Society, basically asking for money. They give you the mail name/addy stickers as a ''thank you'' for donating, the usual stuff. Yeah, liked I'd give those murdering bastards any more of my money, that doesn't really exist anyway. I'd sooner give my money to the Bush-Cheney Fund. Wait, no, just kidding. I know if I DID donate my non-existing money I would be helping the stray and unwanted. But then again, would it change much? I do my part and keep strays... On the little 5 page note book they gave me as a ''thank you'' there's a little text on the bottom of the pages. ''Humane Society Silicon Valley found loving homes for 7,095 animals last year.'' Yeah, so how many little innocent BABIES did you murder last year? Another big <^> (middle finger if you don't know, or I've never given it to you) to the Humane Society.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:18 PM PST