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06/01/2004: ""Adult" Happy Meal [Links]"

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You know? When McDonald's has a "meal" with "Adult" in it, you know it's time to go to McDonald's more often. What kind of naughty things are in the "Adult Happy Meal," you ask? Too bad it's not what you, or rather what I would think is funny, but stupid cheap crap like the crap you get with a regular happy meal.

WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS SH*T?! And what does it REALLY have to do with McDonalds?! Hi, I'm a fat lazy stupid Asian American and I eat McDonalds. Christ, I should be a f'king spokesperson! If you find the trivia you'll find random crap like: ''McDonald's opens a new restaurant every four hours. '' That's a f'king crazy thought... ''Antarctica is the only continent that does not have a McDonald's restaurant - yet. '' Gee, I wonder why... ''The shoe size of Ronald McDonald is 14 1/2 -- or, as Ronald likes to say, 'extra long, by extra wide, by extra red.' '' And as I like to say, ''someone is overcompensating''... And what's with all the lame acronyms and Internet idioms all over the place. Are Asians the only ones who use LOL, ROLFMAO, or stupid :-D smiley faces? =D~~ STFU McDonalds. You might as well have the whole site TyPeD LiKE ThiS! forshizzle.

Ok so after roaming around the McDonald's sites, I found that it isn't called an ''Adult Happy Meal'' like it is on the commercial, but rather a ''Go Active! Happy Meal - For Adults'' for all us fat lazy stupid Americans... Here's a BRILLIANT idea! STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH STUPID MCDONALD'S FOOD! Of course I'm no one to talk, I know I could lose some weight. But, I'm not working in marketing in a fast food restaurant trying to act like we're ''health conscience'' when actually we're one of the reasons America is like 35% overweight and 20%+ obese AND rising! Did I mention I'm taking Nutrition this quarter HA. See, I am learning crap... The damn ''Adult Happy Meal'' is just a salad and a cheap plastic pedometer, or Stepometerô, and it isn't even a permanent menu item. How lame. OK, damn, I should be studying...
Bitching by Adam @ 11:47 PM PST

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On Thursday, June 3rd @ 10:32 PM PST, moO said:
**sigh** i'm lucky i don't care for typical american food all that much. americans, as a whole, already needed to get on a diet & treadmill b4 this shi*t came out...
On Friday, June 4th @ 02:13 AM PST, RaYoR said:
Can't mess with the Filet-O-Fish! MMMmmmm =P
On Saturday, June 5th @ 02:13 AM PST, Adam said:
On Monday, July 12th @ 12:10 AM PST, pam said:
watch Super Size Me! and yes, 66% of americans are overweight and/or obese... it's disgusting and it pisses me off.. i repeat, watch Super Size Me!