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06/01/2004: "Miss Universe [Link]"

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Say, why do they call it Miss Universe anyway? I bet you there's some REALLY pissed off Venusian or Plutotian girl pissed they weren't chosen for the pagent.

How odd, this was posted on Yahoo! like a half an hour before it happened on TV. At least when I noticed it on the main Yahoo! site it was 10:20PM when the pagent isn't over until 11PM. Odd. Was this a rerun or taped earlier today, I don't know what time it is in Equador, or even WHERE it is HA. I'm not so good with geography. Thank god this has never happened while I'm watching hockey. Can you imagine if it happened during the Stanley Cup Finals?! I'd be pissed.
Bitching by Adam @ 10:45 PM PST