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06/14/2004: "EA Job FYI"

Archived Entry:
Just so you know, EA's policies have changed. There is no Internet for temp employees. So no outside email, no web surfing, no AIM; even on breaks. WTF?! RAY! It's your fault! Seems they're way stricter on the non-disclosure stuff. Some chick got fired from EA 'cause she mentioned something about a release of a future game on a blog just like this. So, no info from mE!

OMG, permanent commute from San Jose to Redwood City... 10AM-7PM NICE!!! Like NO heavy traffic! AAAANNNNNDDDDD It's only M-F!!! At first I was hoping to work weekends too, just to miss traffic. But, now I won't even have to, even if I wanted to! Not that I have to worry about working a weekend to miss a day of traffic, 'cause I don't get heavy traffic! NICE! I'm still tired from the work and driving. But, the $2 more than the last job helps. =)

[EDIT] 6/17 8:41AM... So, crap, I can't get email from the web, so If you wanna ''chat'' with me while at work. Email me at awong2*AT*ea.com. It's the easiest way to get a hold of me, since I can't use my phone inside the ''work area.'' Ray remembers that. If I run fast enough I can catch your call. But, if not, leave a message and I'll get back to you; or just email me... [/EDIT]

[EDIT] 6/21 10:51AM... Before I forget again, there's no sunglasses on the floor while you're working. It sounds pretty simple. Why do you need sunglasses inside of the office? Apparently, someone got high and tried to hide it with sunglasses. Damn, now I can't hide my sleeping with sunglasses anymore. j/k [/EDIT]
Bitching by Adam @ 07:38 PM PST

Replies: 5 People Bitched

On Tuesday, June 15th @ 11:28 AM PST, moO said:
if only you could find a job that would bring in at least two times MORE per hour...
On Wednesday, June 16th @ 07:55 AM PST, Shia said:
hey, i'm working for so little right now I don't even want to calculate my hourly wage.
On Thursday, June 17th @ 10:02 PM PST, girl person said:
yippie! job for adam~!!!
On Sunday, July 4th @ 11:45 AM PST, rayzor said:
Ha, yah man I do miss the EA scene. The security thing is a bit annoying tho. Geeez it's not like it has anything to do with national security.... what next? A f*ckin EYE scan before you enter the building???
On Monday, July 12th @ 12:05 AM PST, pam said:
that's f*cked up...