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06/24/2004: "YAY I'm done! & T.H.E.M."

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Finals are over! Yay! Too bad I still have years left damnit...

Anyone catch T.H.E.M. Last night? Er, earlier. Totally Hidden Extreme Magic. I love magic shows, no matter how fake, just cause it LOOKS cool. Everything's about camera tricks, even if they say it isn't; at least that's how it's been done in the past... I'll keep thinking that until I see otherwise. Like I said before, it still looks cool. Apparently, according to my brother, my dad knows one of T.H.E.M. Ha. Cool, now I'll find out for sure!

[EDIT] 6/27 1:00AM... Damn, so apparently my dad doesn't know any of the magicians, but one of the extras that help the magicians trick the unsuspecting ''victims.'' Damn. That's what I get for listening to my (younger) brother.[/EDIT]
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