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07/13/2004: "Hockey Monday. Score 3-5 WIN, Record 5-4"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 230514

I'll keep it short, I'm tired and my shoulder/back is kinda messed up. So, if you look at the stats ever, it'll be updated tomorrow. So, where to start. Early in the game JoeH left aggravating an injury. So, I hope he has a speedy recovery. Plenty of penalties to go around, well not. Five of them go to Brian. LOL. Actually, impressive. Had a few shorthanded goals, one was a shot by the other team into their own net. It was the craziest sight I've ever seen. With much room to take the puck up the ice to our side of the ice, instead the guy turns and shoots the puck to his own goal (I suppose in hopes his goalie would cover it.) the goalie wasn't ready or expecting the puck and the puck went in. Wacky.

I managed a two goal game (one being a shorthanded goal, I think it was a 5on3. But wasn't credited on the scoresheet. Notice any other mistakes on the scoresheet?), which is nice considering the lame slump on and off I've been in. Was hoping for my first hat trick in this league. But, I was just too tired. I might add, after losing Joe and Brian, we played 9 + 1 against a team with 14 + 1. Nice. We played great, great plays, great shots. Keep it up guys.
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