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07/14/2004: "Cluck U. [Vid]"

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Yes, Cluck ''University''. If you've lived in the Bay Area and have never heard of the place, you've been living under a rock. Today, our group at EA agreed to go and see 3 suckers take the 911 challenge. 2 didn't show. The guy who did, could only eat two wings.

This week, one guy brought in this hot sauce where you're only put one drop of it and it's enough. I took a drop, man it's crazy. 911 is WORSE. It was passed around the room all this week, and every time someone would take a hit of this stuff, the group stopped what they were doing just to see the classic reaction of each other.

I'm no one to talk, one was QUITE enough for me. Now, it's been a LOOOOONG while since I last tried one. But, the experience all came back to me after the chicken was down. What scared me most about this experience, I felt something (maybe my asthma) kick in. I was almost afraid I couldn't breath. Odd. Man, was I tearing!

OK, here's the lowdown of the challenge. Eat 12 of the spiciest chicken wings on the planet... Within 10 minutes. With no napkins, water, eating other stuff to lessen the experience. If you make it that far, you still gotta finish the sauce that's left over (including what's on your fingers), then sit for another 10 minutes, still no water, napkins, nothing.

Now who has bigger balls? The person who shows up for the challenge, or the person who shows up for work the next day? Damn, at work before all this, the boss (who's a girl) called one guy (who didn't show) basically a p*ssy. Saying there's no way he could do it. She's the greatest. There was one guy who said, it can't be THAT hot. But, for some reason he wouldn't even TAKE the challenge. Well, if it can't be that hot, what's the harm? There was one guy in the group who has actually finished all 12 before, crazy... Damn, unless you've grown up eating fire, DON'T bother! Well, you gotta at least try one... Heh. We're EVIL! Ok, if you know anyone who talks sh*t saying it can't be all that hot, have them give me a call and see if they can take the 911 Challenge.

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On Thursday, July 15th @ 02:57 AM PST, Linnie said:
Now you got me curious... how hot?! I wanna try!