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07/31/2004: "Hockey Saturday. Score: 4-1 WIN, Record 7-6"

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Misfits 211444

What a game. After a good 45 minute delay of game because of the Shark's camp, we finally got to play. I got there at about 2:45 thinking the game was at 3:15. Yeah right, I look at the board and the game time is at 3:45, nice. So, I'm sitting there with Jeff waiting for the damn game to start, only to find that they'd delay it another 15 minutes. Funny thing is some players on both teams came on time, for the new time. So, were you late or did you know about the time change? HA, thanks for the email informing us of the time change, LOL j/k.

Anyway, playing against our own goalie was a real treat, heh. What? you say. Yeah, the other team didn't have a goalie so we lent them ours. So, whom was your goalie? you ask. Richard goaltended for us. No, not RichC; although that would have interesting. No, RichardDM did. First time for our team, and he did real good. Grats to Mike and Joe for a four point game and Byron for a 3 point game. Let's kick ass on Monday. Yes, I said Monday.
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