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08/03/2004: "Hockey Monday. Score 1-1 Tie, Record 7-6-1"

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Lots o' hockey the past two weeks. No normal posts from me. Eventually... Back to hockey. Suprisingly enough, we kept it about even throughout the game, even despite the obvious ringer they had on their team. Funny thing is, it kinda looked like an older brother of my brother's friend Danny. Anyway, somewhere I think in the third period (maybe second) I take a puck to the bottom of my shin. Kinda where the tongue is on the skate. Man, that wasn't fun. Somehow, we let a shorthanded goal slip away. That's ok, we just have to be more careful next time. Which happens to be next Sunday. So, be ready. I hope I'm up for it. BTW read the note on the score sheet. I hope you can find it...
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