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08/15/2004: "Hockey Sunday. Score: 9-0 Loss, Record: 7-7-2"

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Misfits 000019

I guess that's one way to end a season... In our defense, we were short benched. But, that's no excuse. We should have fended off these guys. We've done better with worse odds. I think. Doesn't matter, the season is over. We just have to play harder in the playoffs starting next week. Let's get 'em, guys...

Side note. After looking at the Logitech Ice score sheet, I noticed something. It's nice to make a dent in that team's record. They would have gone undefeated if it weren't for us. Puts a small tear to my eye... Small... Then again, it could have been the outcome of this game...
Bitching by Adam @ 08:41 PM PST