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08/24/2004: "Adam Update"

Archived Entry:
Ok, here's the scoop... Been really busy, crunch time at work. Mad crazy hours. Don't even have time to blog. Project was supposed to be over this Monday, but was pushed to God knows when. If I'm lucky, I'll be pushed on another project. But, I don't know how good my performance has been lately. I'm a previous tester. I pretty much know what is and isn't going to be fixed, so it's tough to make a judgement call about certain bugs. However, having 30 guys fighting over stupid bugs is stupid.

Hockey playoffs: we lost. 3-4 we should have won that game. Now the season is over, and I'm kinda worried about next season, if there is even a team or if I can even afford to pay for it.

Bike is 99% done, just needs new pedals (or get the ones on it straightened), and have the speedo box at the wheels replaced so the speedo will work. Gonna have the classes this weekend. Can't wait. Soon I'll be legal to ride the streets.

Been looking at iPods lately. I can't decide on which one: The $250 4mb Silver Mini iPod, much like my Silver Mini. Or the $236 15GB iPod. Can't decide. Doesn't Matter, Best Buy doesn't carry either of those... Gonna have to buy from Amazon. You know you wanna buy me one... No? =(

After a ~12 hour shift, gotta sleep. Maybe I'll write more sometime later on...
Bitching by Adam @ 01:24 AM PST