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09/12/2004: "Hockey Saturday. Score: 5-0 WIN, Pre-Season Record 1-0"

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I know I'm a little late, but I was really busy after hockey on Saturday, and I worked a 12hr shift today at EA. I don't know how I'll be doing the hockey stats, but I'll try to update things in a semi-timely manner. Although if it's during the week, I'd be working 14 hour days, and will probably not post right away. Um... I just realized I never posted the only playoff game results... Um, we lost. I hope that's enough. Been realy busy.

The sad irony is the fact that we lost to these guys in the first round of the playoffs 4-3. Although, it's only a playoff game, and I'm sure the teams will still be stacking, I feel good about this team this season. Some old faces, some new faces. Great to see both and be back on the ice. One more playoff game (ugh and it's a MONDAY game) and it's for real. Let's see if we can with the championships this year.
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On Monday, September 13th @ 07:25 PM PST, Linnie said:
Awsome! Adam should get a tongue pierce too... Or did you always have one I just didn't know about it?
On Monday, September 13th @ 11:17 PM PST, Adam said:
Um, linz, what did that have to do with anything? LOL =) No, I don't have one, I doubt I ever will. I'm deathly afraid of needles, so I'm lucky I have an earring. I used to have 3, 2 on left, 1 on right. I took 'em out cause I got bored of them. I DO want a tatoo eventually despite my phobia. Stay tuned to see how that turns out LOL.