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09/02/2004: "WoW & Other Video Games"

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WOW!!! WoW looks really cool. What is WoW? World of Warcraft MMORPG, of course. What's a MMORPG? Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, DUH. Kinda Like EQ or Star Wars Galaxies (SWiG). And just by looking at it for about 15 minutes before going to the laptop, I think it looks GREAT. So far, no lag, smooth flowing even on my crappy gfx card. Although, I think I'll stick with SWG for now...

So, today was the last day of my project. I hope it passes the first time. I would hate to have my name on a game that fails constantly. Although, I think if it fails, it isn't our fault, but the fault of the devs for not fixing what we find... Now, onto another title. Let's just say it's a high profile title and I now will work 8AM-10PM. Ok, while I have your attention, I'll go to sleep now.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:45 PM PST

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On Tuesday, September 7th @ 09:51 AM PST, -b said:
The problem is that SWG can be relatively boring at times. Looking forward to Jump to Lightspeed. That should renew the fun.
On Tuesday, September 7th @ 10:35 PM PST, Adam said:
Ha, trust me I know something about boring. I quit EQ after playing some 3 years... Twice... I know about camping one mob for days/weeks at a time. Lame.