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09/21/2004: "Hockey Monday. Score: 0-8 WIN, Pre-Season Record 1-0"

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Man, I haven't been home for 18 hours. Ugh, time to sleep. Other than that, here's hockey news. It was just a pre-season game, and heavily one sided. They only had 5 players (and one goalie) to our 11+1. 'Nuff said. Let's just keep the 'W' streak of 2 going past the pre-season...
Bitching by Adam @ 02:06 AM PST

Replies: 9 People Bitched

On Tuesday, September 21st @ 06:48 PM PST, Zoo Nkauj said:
So, about the tongue pierce?!
On Wednesday, September 22nd @ 09:51 AM PST, linnie said:
you really want me to drug u into getting that tongue pierce, huh?
On Wednesday, September 22nd @ 04:12 PM PST, Adam said:
Har, no thanks.
On Wednesday, September 22nd @ 06:14 PM PST, Zoo Nkauj said:
Well, if I'm coming to CA, and to San Jose, I'm a drugging Adam. =D Drugging or having my gang of girls kidnap you.
On Wednesday, September 22nd @ 06:41 PM PST, Zoo Nkauj said:
Oh yeah---My friend is trying to convince me to come to CA this winter... And my nieces as well. But we'll see if I actually come to CA.
On Wednesday, September 22nd @ 08:38 PM PST, Zoo Nkauj said:
Ok--here's a couple of alternatives to getting the tongue pierce. (1) Get your tongue SPLIT! (2) Get your tongue pierced & Linnie will get a tatoo. (i dread tatoos. i almost don't want fake ones......)
On Thursday, September 23rd @ 08:01 AM PST, Adam said:
ooo Now we're talking (gang of girls) HAR... splitting, um no. that's probably worse than the piercing. How about a trade? Tattoo for a tattoo LOL
On Thursday, September 23rd @ 10:13 AM PST, Zoo Nkauj said:
Tatoo for tatoo? No way. Adam's tongue pierce for Linnie's tatoo. That's the deal.
On Thursday, September 23rd @ 10:37 PM PST, Adam said:
Er, no dice. You were gonna get a tongue pierce anyway. That's it HAR. I'd MUCH rather have a tattoo than a tongue pierce ANY day.