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09/23/2004: "M1... CHECK!"

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FAWK yeah! I had a good Tuesday, this week. I got my motorcycle M1 license. Test was hard, cause some of the questions weren't even talked about in the class. Like the staggering formation, or what would happen if the front/rear tire goes flat. So, yeah, I'm street legal! All I need now is insurance and a jacket and I'm set! Oh, and some time off so I can ride...

Oh yeah, and the STAR WARS DVDs came out too!!!! Hooraaah! Yes, I'm a big dork. But, I wasn't alone! A ton of other dorks (some normal looking, some not) also flocked to Fry's for the mega Star Wars sale. Anything Star Wars was on sale, it was l33t!
Bitching by Adam @ 08:14 AM PST

Replies: 5 People Bitched

On Thursday, September 23rd @ 10:13 PM PST, Linnie said:
OoO--how about a white tatoo?!
On Thursday, September 23rd @ 10:39 PM PST, Adam said:
HA would you at least stick to one thread. You're cluttering all of my posts LOL
On Friday, September 24th @ 07:56 AM PST, Linnie said:
No. I'll keep on cluttering. =D You don't want the white tatoo then?!
On Friday, September 24th @ 04:07 PM PST, Adam said:
If I were to get a tattoo, it'd be full color if not just black.
On Friday, September 24th @ 06:29 PM PST, Linnie said:
You can get two tatoos then! Your color tatoo, and then a white tatoo that will only show up under blacklight (more colors than just white). And then you can get a tongue pierce!