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10/05/2004: "Hockey Monday. Score: 4-1 WIN, Record 2-0"

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Well played. I know nobody cares, but I know I've been lagging on the xls and scoresheets. Sue me. Maybe I'll sneak away during my vacation and do some nerdy computer work. Great plays, but having half of a new team, we need some time to flow better. In case anyone cares, I'll be gone for a week and a half, so play well while I'm gone.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:51 AM PST

Replies: 15 People Bitched

On Tuesday, October 5th @ 05:31 PM PST, Zoo Nkauj said:
to where? to where?! to get your dragon tatoo on ur back?!
On Tuesday, October 5th @ 08:32 PM PST, Adam said:
Linnie's funny. Silly girl. No, I haven't posted here but I'm going to HI for a week and a half. And no, I'm not getting a tattoo there.
On Tuesday, October 5th @ 10:41 PM PST, me again said:
aw. y no tatoo? hope u have fun!
On Thursday, October 7th @ 02:17 PM PST, Linnie said:
oh. i forgot to post "lucky" (from napoleon). and i've seen all the ju-on movies. i laughed through out them, more because of the reactions to my friends' screams. and i still like watching remakes. (i have my reasons.) but i actually want drag along my friends and sisters because they hate seeing her crawl down the stairs. i like seeing people scared. =P and yes, america is stupid.
On Friday, October 15th @ 11:30 PM PST, Shia said:
I didnt even know you were going to hawaii. and whats all this tattoo garbage? what, you think now that you got a bike you're badass?
you should get a life size peewee herman face on your back.
On Friday, October 15th @ 11:31 PM PST, Shia said:
wait, i dont get it. america is stupid because you laugh at horror movies?
On Saturday, October 16th @ 01:11 AM PST, Adam said:
No, just the fact that Hollywood is devoid of any original ideas pisses me off. Now they have to steal other country's stuff. Before it was the other way around. You know I always thought about getting tattoos, ignore this whole conversation. I know I have. HAR. She just want's me to get a tongue pierce, and I said I'd only get a tattoo. BLAH
On Sunday, October 17th @ 06:58 PM PST, me!!! said:
You didn't mention how I've been 'cluttering' --so I may have a like'n to 'clutter.' so what? clutter clutter clutter. How was the vacation?! Get a tatoo? Probably not. I should stop asking... for a couple of seconds.. k. now---how much closer are you to getting a tatoo now? am I pushing that idea further and further away from it actually happening?! hrms.. yeah, I should probably stop bugging Adam and others about tatoos and tongue pierces
On Sunday, October 17th @ 07:48 PM PST, Shia said:
On the subject of tattoos: Ahh yes, I remember. Need I dig up the idea of the charmed tattoo? Or maybe that was only Tanya.
On the subject of Hollywood: hah! America is stupid cuz it rips off other places!? The amount of ripping off by other crountries is unbelievable. Need I mention pirated goods? Half of the modern Chinese holiday songs are sung to the tunes of Western songs such as "oh my darling, clamentine" and "jingle bells".
A story about a rip-off:
I was at a children's English peformance when I was asked to "sing" to the audience along with some primary school kids the words of some Beethoven song, which most of us would recognize as the Diehard theme song playing while Bruce Willis is flying through an exploding building. I said "I don't know the words to that song", not bothering to explain the original was a classical composition that had no words. "I think they sing it in church", the girl tried to convince me. Again, not bothering to scream "They sure as hell do not!" I just explained, "I'm not Christian". The idea of an American that wasn't Christian threw her whole idea of western culture out of whack so she just left.

if you get a tattoo. get a huge colorful one so that it would be an extremely painful, expensive process is you every want to remove it.

Everybody rips off everybody else. Hollywood rips off itself. Look at it as creative mingling or homage or something.
On Sunday, October 17th @ 07:48 PM PST, Shia said:
On Sunday, October 17th @ 07:50 PM PST, Shia said:
Do a wheelie for me.
I must miss Adam cuz I can't stop writing.
On Monday, October 18th @ 10:51 AM PST, linnie said:
you should put some bad movies on your movies list. then if i haven't seen it i'll know that it's a BAD movie that i should avoid.
On Monday, October 18th @ 10:52 AM PST, linnie said:
and you need to add "get a huge colorful painful expesnive dragon tatoo" on your "future reminders" list
On Tuesday, October 19th @ 12:44 AM PST, Shia said:
oooh, that would be cool. you could get one badass triad style. dye your hair red or something as well.
On Tuesday, October 19th @ 01:01 AM PST, Adam said:
Ah, yes, Shia (or anyone on-line) hasn't seen my hair lately. I think the last time I took a picture was when I shaved it. You'll see in my HI pics. I'm too lazy to upload pics on the 56k, and I'm too broke to use the broadband internet in a Hilton hotel...