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10/24/2004: "Hockey Saturday, Score: 0-4 WIN, Record: 4-0-1"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 112423

Two weeks later, Adam is back on the ice. Boy, does it hurt. Too sloth to play hockey. Asthma kicked in after the game. We didn't have much of a turn out, but luckily neither did the other team. We lead off the game late in the first with a goal from the point from Russ but Byron was given the credit giving him a hat trick. Heh. Grats to Mark for a 2 point game (1g 1a). I managed an assist (wasn't credited for 2, 1 wasn't even on the paper, and 1 was given to 88... We don't have an 88) Still undefeated, and in the beginning of the season to boot. Unlike the Misfits to have a record like that in the beginning of the season. But, let's keep it going.
Bitching by Adam @ 07:20 PM PST