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10/24/2004: "Back From Hawaii"

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Yes, a week and a half and 4000 miles of travel later Adam is home. A little late but here's my short write up.

First week of the trip, we were on the island of Maui we had surf lessons from a Duke's, went kayaking/snorkeling where we saw a ton of fish and even some sea tutles, went mountain biking off the side of a volcano, and went on some lame ''sunset cruise'' which just plain sucked.

On Oahu it was just plain relaxing and shopping. Oddly enough, I didn't do much of either. Well, more relaxing than not... we did plan on going on one of those big yellow water bicycles, but ended up going on a pedal boat thing. I think we shoulda stuck with the bike. On Oahu we went to my Uncles little BBQ where we played with the cousins all night, they're still little so you have to keep them entertained or they'll get bored of you fast. We found that out the hard way the very first day when we kinda took care of my cousin Shane who's only 5. He kept on saying, stuff like ''I'm bored'' or ''I waited all day to go home''. HAR. I just wanted to look out the balcony and look at the first sunset in Oahu. I must upload the view outside our hotel. Which I may add was the Hilton Tapa Tower facing the Rainbow Tower which faces the ocean. Where's those pictures?

On they way back home we got first class and limo home. Yeah, I think I got ''my money's worth'' in first class. First of all, there's so much better food in first class than coach or whatever they're calling it now. Like real course meals, not the small ''tv dinners'' you get in the cattle section. Obviously, the seats are bigger and have foot/legrests. But best of all, free alcohol. That's where I made the money back, HAR.

This is probably half of what I originally wanted to write. So, instead of making new posts, I'll just add to this one, HAR. GOOOOO LAZINESS!!! ... Mahalo.
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On Monday, October 25th @ 03:12 AM PST, Shia said:
so, you grew your hair out and dyed it then? red?
you have family on one of the islands, right? which one? i applied to grad school of uni of hawaii (actually supposed to be a backup), which i believe is on whatever island honolulu is.
On Saturday, October 30th @ 08:57 PM PST, pam said: