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11/15/2004: "Happy Bday, Adam! (Gift Idea)"

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Not yet, but HOLY CRAP!!! click
Bitching by Adam @ 09:57 PM PST

Replies: 11 People Bitched

On Friday, November 19th @ 03:04 PM PST, linnie said:
ha. whatchu gonna be doin' this year for your birthday? i'm going to build a snow man, and if there's enough snow, i'll build an igloo. hmrs.. that snow man might get lonley--if there's enough snow, i'll make a friend for him. =P
On Friday, November 19th @ 07:04 PM PST, Adam said:
To be honest, I don't know. Perhaps work? Not sure yet. Make him a Snowgirl!
On Saturday, November 20th @ 08:52 PM PST, linnie said:
oh, ur sayin for me to make a couple of the snowmen? i'll try to make them hold hands or something
On Sunday, November 21st @ 09:21 AM PST, Adam said:
Just holding hands? =( oh well...
On Monday, November 22nd @ 06:34 AM PST, Shia said:
you wanna see more action out of a couple of snowMEN? heheh. i didnt know you were into that.
On Monday, November 22nd @ 03:32 PM PST, linnie said:
ha--just a snowMan and snowGirl then, and yes, they'll just be holding hands. i'll give them hockey sticks so they can play hockey when they're bored.
On Tuesday, November 23rd @ 07:07 AM PST, Adam said:
Ignore Shia, he doesn't know how to read...
On Tuesday, November 23rd @ 06:04 PM PST, linnie said:
um.. okie dokie! will do.
On Tuesday, November 23rd @ 06:05 PM PST, linnie said:
hey--why don't u put up some more recent pics? too busy? or just don't wanna? or..???
On Tuesday, November 23rd @ 06:55 PM PST, Adam said:
too lazy and busy, I will soon tho. You're gonna come to CA anyway, come see me LOL & HAR!
On Monday, November 29th @ 11:18 PM PST, pam said:
he he, you should make snowmen like calvin did in Calvin & Hobbes. =D