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11/20/2004: "EA Games"

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LOL while cleaning my room today, I find it funny how much my room is ''litered'' with EA stuff. And it's not just EA games. Lots o' other stuff too, mostly games tho. Just at glancing around I see C&C:G & ZH, BF1942, Sims2 (DVD still unopened), Original Sims, NFS:UG2 (Xbox), SimCity 4 + RH. I have to stop buying games...

Speaking of which, I have an extra Lord of the Rings: the Third Age for Xbox for sale. My name is in the end credits, show a friend! Email me if you're interested. Also a NBA Live 2005 for PS2, I bought an extra one by mistake. Gotta get a little money back on these, sent an email soon!
Bitching by Adam @ 07:28 PM PST

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On Sunday, November 21st @ 12:32 AM PST, linhy said:
Ahhhh! I haven't checked your site in forevers and out of nowhere you're bald now=) kidding. Hope you're doing well!
On Sunday, November 21st @ 09:22 AM PST, Adam said:
LOL funny thing, that's an old picture and now I have spikey orange/blond hair. Too lazy to take pics...