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02/11/2005: "Lost in Translation"

Archived Entry:
Ok, so my squad is planning a trip to Vegas in a few months and we have to send a time-off request now, as it'll be the start of crunch time in the project. So here is the request, minus names/dates and other important details...

So-and-so Squad is planning a little trip to Las Vegas the dates of such-and-such time and returning that such-and-such time. We will be missing work such-and-such time and if there is overtime that Saturday, we will be missing that day as well. Easy leaves together and will be back together as a squad and will be reporting for duty Monday 0900 hours. Coming back with us are smiles, deck of cards, shot glasses, and photos of our glorious adventure away from the battlefield.

So far we have a couple of AWOL soldiers, so-and-so and so-and-so. They both are unsure and will know by Monday, such-and-such time. Also Commander so-and-so aka Maverick will be staying on the WASP and serving as our Wing Man while we are gone.

We know the dates we are leaving is close to crunch time for the project and realize the importance of us being here but it well benefit us as a team to have one last outing before we all go our separate ways once the project has ended. So as a team we all want to say " pa pa pa paleeeease. "

However, bored as we are at work, we found a computer that had the Internet (yes, they treat temps like they're 12) and decided to play with Babel Fish and translate it into Japanese then back to English. Kind of like that episode of News Radio where Jimmy James' book was translated the same way... Only not with Babel Fish. Anyway, this whole Babel Fish was spawned from an Engrished email that was sent out to out group. Find read good! :::

The so-and-so squad planning travelling which date is small in Las Vegas, such-and-such time is resetting that night. If we are and work such-and-such time whereabouts obscurity the Saturday are overtime, that day and it is the whereabouts unclear. As for the easy leaf returning together together as a squad, 0900 hours reporting Monday because of obligation. Smile and the tramp deck, the small glass, and the photograph of our beautiful ventures from the battlefield have returned with us.

For the present the soldier of some AWOL, there is so-and-so and so-and-so in us. They both uncertainty, Monday, have known to such-and-such time. In addition the maverick of aka of the so-and-so commander while we go to the sparrow drumstick, being restricted, is useful as our operators.

The date thing which in order to possess one last excursion where as for us we whom one time directly project has finished all our another methods before going, the knowing where we are close to the time of crunching for project, actualize our importance which does here and have left contributes to well us with everyone. For the sake of us everything "pa pa pa paleeeease."

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