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02/18/2005: "Cluck U. Part. 3"

Archived Entry:
A while back I posted about an Unofficial EA QA Tester Outing. We'll we did it again. Same place, same challenge. Our buddy, Nick, stepped up to the plate. But, HOLY FRACK, did he EVER represent Easy Squad! Our man counquered the 911 challenge. I didn't think he could do it, hell, I didn't think anyone we knew could do it. Now, after it's all done, I just thank God that I don't live with the guy. Especially tomorrow, and the next day, and... Now he has paved the way for all our future testers. Even the ones on Monday, 'cause we're coming back for a fresh bunch hoping they, too, can come home with a T-shirt and picture on the wall-of-fame... or maybe just a BUNCH of ''I got pwnd by the Cluck U. 911 challenge'' pictures of them. Good luck, Monday Suckers.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:13 PM PST