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02/23/2005: "#$&^#@!%&@$#%&*@%^@#$^@#$^"

Archived Entry:
F'k I'm so sick of my layout now. I can't sleep cause I'm so damn wired from hockey. Prepare for a new f'n layout... Well, not any time soon. I'm sure as soon as I don't have a job and have that nice ''cool-off'' period I should have a little time for something nice for all you people who give a damn... I know I don't. Sad. This contained more words than my previous post about my hockey game...
Bitching by Adam @ 01:27 AM PST

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On Wednesday, February 23rd @ 05:25 PM PST, KIm said:
This layout has been here for as long as i've been to your site i think.. haha.. But yeah, a lot of the stuff i do has to do with Xanga =]
On Tuesday, March 1st @ 03:07 PM PST, Linnie said:
New Layout? Hrms... looking forward to see what you'll come up with! ...and uh, what were you really saying in your title?