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03/03/2005: "Hockey Wednesday, Score: 5-2 Loss, Record: 10-7-1"

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WTF was up with the downtown freeway entrances tonight? It took me like 30 minutes to just get onto the freeway. Everything was closed. I went from 11th > 12th > 1st > 3rd > ??? > ??? > 3rd > ??? > 4th. Yeah, I don't know much about downtown. I was following Dave for a while. But, some how got lost LOL. Anyway, I digress...

Chalk another ''L'' for us. I feel that Number 2 spot slip away. It's ok, we just have to step it up some more. Maybe get more guys to come. We somehow let a PP goal and a SH goal in. We just had an off night. Anyway, we should conserve our energy, since we have a game on Saturday and another next Tuesday. crazy At least I'm getting more exercise. I just hope I'm not hurting tomorrow...
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