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03/09/2005: "Media and Multi-Media"

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I’m really sick of the media’s position on video games. Even the big 94.9 Doghouse has to look down on video games. This morning I heard them blame GTA:San Andreas for all the violence in the world. What ever happened to stupid kids, or stupid people in general? I may have a biased opinion because I work in the gaming industry and personally play video games, but I know I wouldn’t go out and kill someone because I had just played a 12 hour session of Grand Theft Auto. I know I wouldn't kill someone just because I hear a rapper talk about killing someone. I grew up (sort of) playing video games and rap music, I don't think I'd be able to just pick up a weapon of some sort, and kill someone for no reason just because someone says it in a song or I played a violent game.

At what point do we just say, kids YOU’RE stupid. Or even the fact that it’s the PARENTS fault for letting them play a game which IS branded as a Mature game. I’m all for the law disallowing the sale of M (Mature) games to minors, as well as explicit music. I say punish the retail people for selling it to them. Overall though, it's the parents responsibilty of telling the kids what to do or not to do. They just want a scapegoat. Lame. I believe telling video game makers they cannot make or sell violent video games is ridiculous. Learn how to PARENT!

As Chris Rock said: “What ever happened to crazy?”

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On Sunday, March 20th @ 08:06 PM PST, pam said:
it's not just video games, it's everything. we send kids mixed messages (don't have sex, yet they are bombarded by sex in the medai), so how can parents expect them to do what is right if they can't parent? unfortunately, there are a lot of really sick people in this world and anything can set them off. these people are the results of abuse as children and these are the types of issues that need to be addressed and prevented. it's only to get worse before it gets better.