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03/03/2005: "Whatever happens in Vegas..."

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Hrm... Seeing that I have a trip to Sin City (is that right?) coming in a couple weeks, I find it funny to see more and more LV commercials. The latest one was the one where the girl uses all the names when she meets guys: Cindy, Jan, Marsha, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, Xena, Lucy (this is my friend Ethel (You gotta see her friend's face lol)), Louise, Ginger. And the last guy introduces himself as Cliff and his friend Norm. I just had to laugh... or LOL... Ah, I forsee a fun weekend... Not TOOO fun... Is it sad that I know almost all of the names in the commercial? What's with the Louise and Ginger?

Whatever happens here, stays here.

Tell me if it works or not.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:28 AM PST

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On Monday, March 7th @ 01:15 AM PST, shia said:
so, what happened?
On Sunday, March 20th @ 08:11 PM PST, pam said:
i think the whole point is that you're supposed to know all the names...