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03/11/2005: "/rude Crutchfield"

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I would like to personally give that audio company Crutchfield a huge F*CK Y**! I always thought they were an overpriced Nazi company. Now, I know they are. I tried to get an idea if the NEW Pioneer CD-IB100 would work with my current deck, they flat out told me "...no, but here's a deck you can add to your shopping cart that IS fully compatible." You stupid F*CKS. I emailed Pioneer directly and said YES it DOES work. I don't think Pioneer would screw me out of $150. If they were in the business of screwing me out of my money, they would have said the same thing Crutchfield said. Plus it says right there in the article, BACKWARD COMPATIBLE. <^> FU Crutchfield.
Bitching by Adam @ 07:38 PM PST